Learn To Grow Your Practice

Without having to spend thousands on ads and "marketing experts".


Recover The Joy Of Practicing

Go from overworked and stuck in a rat race to feeling professionally fulfilled and experience the joy of knowing that you are serving your patients to the best of your ability while ensuring your family's financial security.

Take Control of Your Business

You don't have to spend thousands on advertising or hire another marketing agency who is only good at marketing itself.

Proven Strategies

Spend more time doing the work you love. And stop spending your money on funnels, landing pages, and replicated websites.

It's Doable

You just need a proven roadmap and someone who has done it to guide you.

Dr Gutierrez has been encompassing innovation and new endeavors reflecting agility, clinical knowledge and improving outcomes.

It has been a pleasure to collaborating with him.

- Ilan Shapiro, MD

How To Get Started


Watch Our Broadcast

Learn the Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Doctors Make and get a taste of the kind of material that make up our course. 



Enroll in PGF

Join other success-minded practice owners when you enroll in Practice Growth Formula.

Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office.



Grow Your Practice

Use our proven formula to grow your practice ethically and consistently.

And if you ever get stuck, our community is here to support you.

10x Your Investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Sure, in this training you are going to be introduced to the definitive Practice Growth Formula which will help you permanently divorce yourself from the stress of running an unsuccessful practice, and instead introduce you to a brand new practice.

One that’s…  more profitable…  more enjoyable… easier to grow…

and where you no longer feel forced to work with the patients that others bring you.

But unlike what you’ve experienced before with these “marketing experts”, I don’t want you to wait for a year, paying a monthly retainer, before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing results.

Enroll right now, watch the first few videos, and start taking the necessary steps to optimize your practice for exponential growth from Week 1.

If at any moment in the first 4 weeks after enrolling, you do not feel like you’re well on your way to 10X’ing your investment while feeling SO much more confident in your ability to grow your practice ethically, reliably and consistently, just email us and we’ll refund your investment so you can use it to pay another month of retainers or a few weeks of more random Facebook Ads…

Practice Growth Formula is not about building funnels, email spamming or learning “magic words” to “close” patients. It is a complete, step-by-step formula to ethical and responsible practice success.

Yes, you’ll learn about sales and marketing but, more importantly, you’ll have the mentorship you require to put into practice everything you learn from day one.

The end result: an incredibly valuable skillset that allows you to grow your practice, serve more patients and have a larger impact in your community.



Is the only program of its kind that…


Focuses on Serving Your Patients Better

This is not about slimy sales tactics, deceiving ads, or giving away “free consultations” to try and sell your services. You will learn to grow your practice by serving your patients better. Period.

Prioritizes Being In Control Over Being In Charge

Your practice is valuable because you and your expertise and skills serve your patients. You will learn how to spend most of your time doing that but maximize the time you’re leading your business so that your team can execute your vision and strategy.

Is Built With Rapid Deployment and ROI in Mind

No filler. No unnecessary modules, and no phony strategies that look sexy on the surface but do nothing to help you and your practice grow and serve your patients better.


So if you're ready to finally learn how to Grow Your Practice without spending fortunes on ads every month and being held hostage to marketing agencies…



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