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How Will Savvy Doctors Build Their Brand in 2020

It doesn't matter where you currently are with your practice — whether just starting out or already being profitable and serving lots of patients.

Most practice owners, no matter what their field or specialty, are treading water. And to make matters worse, as their practice grows, so does its costs.

Few doctors understand how to continually increase their income, lifestyle, and joy at the same time.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why you need to create a personal brand
  • How other doctors are planning to do it in 2020
  • What you should do instead
  • Why I'm recommending that
  • How to get started

If these things are not interesting to you, then this article was not written for you.

Ready? Let's do it.

Last week I was having a business strategy call with one of my consulting clients. I'll just call him Dr N.

By the way, I've spent the last couple of weeks helping my clients plan their entire business strategy for 2020. And a big part of that revolves around their personal brand...

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What the Google Ban on Stem Cells Means for Your Practice

Last September, Google put out a new policy on advertising for speculative and experimental medical treatments.

From the policy itself:

"…to prohibit advertising for unproven or experimental medical techniques such as most stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy, and gene therapy. This new policy will prohibit ads selling treatments that have no established biomedical or scientific basis. The new policy also includes treatments that are rooted in basic scientific findings and preliminary clinical experience, but currently have insufficient formal clinical testing to justify widespread clinical use."

Now, whether you agree with their definition of speculative or experimental treatments is not the point of this article. The point I want to emphasize, –for every practice owner, not just those providing stem cell treatments– is another one.

I believe this is actually a GOOD thing for most practices

If you are a stem cell practice owner, relying on...

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