Double The Size Of Your Practice

   in 2019   

without spending thousands on advertising or hiring another "marketing expert".

If you’re a caring but overworked practicing physician, dentist, or health provider looking to generate more income while serving your patients better and not just by adding more hours to your schedule, then you probably already know that you need to be in control of your practice’s growth.

If so, I’ll spare you the speech.

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that’s already been drilled deep into your conscious mind.

After all, you probably already KNOW that it’s not smart to leave your practice’s growth in the hands of marketing agencies or patient facilitators who only care about their commissions and retainers.

And you’re tired of seeing others, less qualified (or unqualified!), “doctors” hurting and scamming people who could have benefitted from your experience and expertise.



Even if you’re lucky enough to have had some success with marketing agencies in the past, or currently run a profitable practice, knowing how to grow your practice allows you to:

  • Build a Season-Proof Practice

    No more depending on school schedules and working around the holidays to ensure a steady stream of patients throughout every season. Recession or not.
  • Enjoy Practicing Again

    When you know how to grow your practice, you get to choose who to serve. Only work with the patients you enjoy working with and refer the ones you don't.
  • Make A Bigger Impact

    Understanding how to leverage your experience and expertise allow you to broaden your reach and serve a much wider audience. Well beyond the patients in your area. 
  • Position Yourself As The Expert You Are

    You've gone through several years of school. Not to mention residencies, fellowships and all the years you've been in practice. Yet patients still trust the quacks who position themselves better on and offline. Learn to beat them at their own game!
  • Spend More Time With The People You Care About

    Learn the secrets of the super successful and learn to leverage your expertise so you can spend less time in the office and more time with your spouse and children.

Even though the benefit of being in control of your practice's growth is obvious, the steps required to do it successfully is is anything but

Have More Patients To Serve? Yes, Please!!

But how the heck do I do it!?

Perhaps you’ve come to this realization in the past and decided you would learn how to do it.

Maybe you read a book on marketing, watched YouTube videos on how to run your social media and start an email campaign, and even went as far as to start posting inspirational quotes on Instagram, retweeting medical articles and sharing your latest sales and specials on Facebook.

If you’re super committed, maybe you even went as far as to consider going back to school and getting an MBA or something similar. Because 10+ years of school weren’t enough for you, right?…

Here's why most doctors abandon their desire to control their practice's growth:

Without a super clear, step-by-step plan to achieve it, most doctors get overwhelmed and feel “out of their lane” when learning to grow and market their practice.

And as a busy doctor with patients to serve, a family to support and employees to pay, they literally feel they don’t have any time to learn.

Truth is, that even with the best intentions, most practicing doctors end up abandoning this goal of controlling the growth of their practice which opens the door to “marketing agencies” to determine their growth and income.

They fall victim to all these patient facilitators, funnel builders, social media managers and everyone else promising to fill their schedule with “qualified leads”… They make getting patients sound soooo easy, don’t they?

Sadly, these experts know nothing about healthcare. They believe bringing patients in for a procedure is the same as selling trinkets online. But by the time doctors realize this, they’re locked in a 6 to 12 month contract, paying retainers and cringing every time they see the messages these “gurus” are posting to their social media profiles…

Here is why this is irreversibly crippling…

As a caring doctor, you want nothing but to serve your patients. So it’s easy to offload the job of marketing and growing your practice to someone else. And this is probably the same that most of your colleagues –and your competitors– are doing as well…

That is, until you realize that these experts don’t care about your patients, about improving their health or treating their diseases. They only care about their commissions and retainers. And so, their definition of “qualified lead” is far from “ideal patient”.

The truth is, they will never understand what it is like to treat a patient. That’s why it’s so hard for non health professionals to market healthcare services.

Lucky for you, it’s way easier for a doctor to learn marketing than for a marketer to learn how to serve patients.

In all likelihood, other doctors in your field do not yet understand this and are still trusting their practice growth to contractors.

Which means…

There is a huge opportunity for you to learn these concepts and serve more patients and grow your practice consistently and reliably.

That is… if you can avoid the same mistakes that these agencies are doing in the first place.

The 4 Mindset Upgrades You Need to Make Right Now To Control The Growth Of Your Practice

Mindset Upgrade #1

Doctors Are Bad Marketers

Except for a few fields of healthcare, most doctors are widely regarded as bad marketers. And we are even proud of it!

But it doesn’t have to be true. In fact, it is far from true. Who can be better equipped than a doctor to talk about their services and its benefits to a patient?

Marketing is an acquired skill. Which, just like everything else doctors learn in their careers, can be learned from the right mentor.

It is easier for a doctor to learn how to market their services, than for a marketer to learn how to serve patients.

Mindset Upgrade #2

Growing My Practice Boils Down To Getting More Patients

This is the typical pitch that you get from “marketing experts” offering their latest funnel and landing page combo. But having a successful healthcare business is about so much more than simply getting new patients in the door.

Don’t get me wrong, marketing your practice and getting patients is an important part of growing your practice but it’s far from the only one. Or even the most important one!

Just knowing that there’s more to marketing puts you miles ahead of your competitors. Imagine where you’ll be after you know the other secrets of the uber successful practices!

Mindset Upgrade #3

I Don't Have Time To Grow My Practice

Growing a successful practice does not mean that you have to personally write the emails, post to social media, create the websites, etc… In fact, you shouldn’t have to do that. As a doctor, you need to spend at least 80% of your time serving your patients.

But surprisingly, it’s the other 20% that has the potential to move the needle in terms of growth and revenue!

What is that other 20%? Growing your practice; treating it as the business that it is. As my business mentor says: “You must be in control, not in charge”.

Learn to do this successfully and witness your practice grow without you having to spend more time in it.

Mindset Upgrade #4

I Don't Need To Market, Patients Go To The Best Doctor

Whether we like it or not, this is not true. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will be able to do what needs to be done so that your patients do go to the best doctor… you!

How many times have you seen a really good doctor struggle to make ends meet financially while another, not so skilled one is doing great?

Why is this? Because the second one has learned how to market his practice.

It really is as simple as that.

And if you are the best in your field, it is your responsibility to market your services adequately so more patients can benefit from your expertise.

I'm also going to let you in on a little secret…


Even though healthcare is a MASSIVE industry, doctors are rarely trained in how to profit from it.

Most of the profit is being made by insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, hospital groups and now, even those patient facilitators and marketing agencies!

And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that doctors have been told (AND WE'VE BELIEVED IT!) that we should not be the ones marketing our practice…

…that we should “stay in our lane” and let others drive our practice’s growth (or lack thereof).

But as long as you can upgrade your mindset from what you’ve believed until now to what the super successful practice owners know, the path is paved for you to be able to serve more patients and make a bigger impact in your community, your finances and, most importantly, your happiness.

Remember, this is not about knowledge. It is about mentorship and guidance.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to get.

I got a hundred times more useful, valuable and actionable steps from PGF than from my entire MBA program! Which I'm still paying for… 



The complete step-by-step formula to growing your practice ethically and reliably without having to spend thousands on ads or hiring another marketing expert.

I’ve taken everything I learned from years of mentoring by some of the most successful business and practice owners allowing me to grow my own practice from less than 100k to over 1.4M in sales in the following year! And I've channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step formula that not only teaches you the high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION for you to do the same.

Practice Growth Formula is the result of more than 6 years and over $150k in business education, trainings and mastermind groups, including Darren Hardy's High Performance Elite and Joe Polish's ELF Marketing. 

And all of it has been adapted, trialed and tested in healthcare. By me and a select group of doctors who attended the first three live Practice Growth Formula workshops in Cancun and in Miami.

Dr E with Success Mentor Darren Hardy
With Success mentor Darren Hardy

Dr Gutierrez has been encompassing innovation and new endeavors reflecting agility, clinical knowledge and improving outcomes.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him.

Ilan Shapiro, MD


Practice Growth Formula is not about building funnels, email spamming or learning “magic words” to “close” patients. It is a complete, step-by-step formula to ethical and responsible practice success.

Yes, you’ll learn about sales and marketing but, more importantly, you’ll have the mentorship you require to put into practice everything you learn from day one. 

The end result: an incredibly valuable skillset that allows you to grow your practice, serve more patients and have a larger impact in your community.



Is the only program of its kind that…


Focuses on Serving Your Patients Better

This is not about slimy sales tactics, deceiving ads, or giving away “free consultations” to try and sell your services. You will learn to grow your practice by serving your patients better. Period.

Prioritizes Being In Control Over Being In Charge

Your practice is valuable because you and your expertise and skills serve your patients. You will learn how to spend most of your time doing that but maximize the time you’re leading your business so that your team can execute your vision and strategy.

Is Built With Rapid Deployment and ROI in Mind

No filler. No unnecessary modules, and no phony strategies that look sexy on the surface but do nothing to help you and your practice grow and serve your patients better.


So if you're ready to finally learn how to Grow Your Practice without spending fortunes on ads every month and being held hostage to marketing agencies…

Here's How We'll Get You There:

Module 1

The Mindset Upgrade That Turns Doctors From Service Providers to Business Owners

The first step to get to your goals is to figure out where you are currently standing.

In this module we will analyze the beliefs that most doctors have about serving patients and being in business and upgrading them to develop the mindset of a successful business owner.

Even if you’ve never had a class about business you will be able to see where your current mindset is rooted and how to develop a new mindset based on real numbers from your own practice.

Module Highlights

  • No woo-woo here. Everything that is reviewed in this module is backed up with actual numbers and facts from your own practice.
  • Learn the difference between owning your job and owning your business. See why most doctors operate from a mindset of owning their job and the price they pay for that.
  • Use the calculator provided to calculate your real hourly rate, see how many hours you’d have to work to reach your desired income at this rate.
  • Learn how to separate your pay from the time you put in and why that’s such an important mindset upgrade to achieve your goals.
  • Create your own personal brand with my step by step tutorial and templates.
  • Set your business goals for the next 3 months and reverse engineer the steps to get you there.
Module 2

How To Focus Only On What Moves The Needle

Now that you know what is the price of your time and, more importantly, how much every hour of your day is worth for you to reach your business goals, we are going to develop your ability to focus on the actions that generate more value for your business and your patients.

Here you’ll understand the importance of guarding your time, delegating certain tasks and eliminating many others. This module alone, has the potential to revolutionize your daily practice forever.  

Module Highlights

  • Using your goals and hourly rate from the previous module, identify what each one of your working hours is worth. Identify the difference between that and what you currently make and set the steps to close that gap.
  • Learn about Pareto’s principle and how it applies to running your business. Identify the 20% of your activities that yield 80% of your results.
  • Use the workbook provided to define what the vital functions and vital priorities are for you and for each member of your team.
  • Learn how to make sure that everyone in your office is spending most of their time on whatever activity they’re the best at.
  • Understand the concept of The Franchise Player. Take the assessment in this module to find out if you’re doing everything in your power to keep him/her happy and performing at 110% every day.
  • Learn the importance of rest and recovery in business. This is the secret weapon of the top performers in pretty much every field. Find out if you’re doing it well and often enough.
Module 3

How To Dominate Your Competitive Landscape

In order to dominate an opponent, you must know what you’re up against. Most doctors think they know the competition… They have NO IDEA. Knowing your competition is so much more than simply knowing the names of other doctors in your area.

In this module you will learn how to conduct a competitor analysis in order to identify their strengths, weaknesses and how to position yourself and your practice.

Module Highlights

  • Learn how to conduct a competitor analysis with the workbooks provided for you in this exercise.
  • Identify direct and indirect competitors and understand the differences between one another.
  • Learn what is a parallel competitor and how you can leverage them and their patients to grow your practice.
  • Use the workbooks to identify your USP (unique selling proposition) and how to position yourself in the marketplace as compared to your competitors.
Module 4

Know Your Patients Beyond Their History

Everything that you do as a doctor, you do it for your patients. But the patient-doctor interaction has changed dramatically in the last few years. With unlimited access to information, patients are now armed with data that, in many cases, don’t know how to interpret.

In this module you will learn what the modern patient expects from their relationship with you, and what you can (and should!) start doing to go beyond their expectations in order to deliver remarkable service every time.

Module Highlights

  • Learn why your patients are seeking your services from a consumer standpoint and how you can acknowledge them as such.
  • Use the workbook to identify your patient’s touchpoints with your practice and how you can optimize them to deliver remarkable service.
  • Learn the difference between your patient and your client. This is a crucial distinction that successful practice owners never miss.
  • Define your perfect patient. Use the exercises in our workbook to identify the type of patient you most enjoy working with.
  • Also use it to identify the anti-ideal patient in your practice. Which are the patients that put everyone on edge and that you can’t wait for them to leave?
  • Learn the most important metrics in regards to your patients that you should be tracking from a business perspective.
Module 5

Plant Your Flag And Own It

Now that we’ve identified the competitive landscape in your market, as well as the type of patients you want to serve, it is time to plant your flag. Stake a claim and own that.

In this module you will learn the different strategies that large and small businesses use to position their services and products in the marketplace and how you can use them to position your practice and offerings.

Module Highlights

  • Learn why it is so important to position yourself and your practice in the marketplace.
  • Use the workbook to identify the strategy or strategies that resonate with your ideal patient.
  • Use these strategies to define your and your practice’s position in the marketplace.
  • Learn why being bold and clear about your positioning, means turning a few people away.
  • Give and receive feedback from the rest of our class and from your instructor.
  • Learn the Name The Game strategy to literally own your process or services.
Module 6

How To Attract Your Ideal Patient To Your Practice

Now that you’ve defined who is the type of patient that you want to work with and what is your positioning in the marketplace, it is time to craft a compelling marketing strategy to get them in. Marketing your practice is not about your credentials or your expertise. It is about your patients and how you can help them solve their problem.

Module Highlights

  • Learn how to do a patient survey to drill down on your ideal patient’s psychographics.
  • Use our checklist to make sure you’re covering the most important points of your messaging.
  • Learn how to communicate your services in a way that is appealing and valuable to your ideal patient.
  • Identify the most common mistakes doctors (and most marketers!) make when designing their websites, flyers, and even writing emails.
  • Learn how to simplify your message for maximum results.
Module 7

Build Your Audience And Grow Your Influence

Now that you’ve crafted a compelling marketing message which attracts your ideal patient to your practice, it is time to build your own personal brand to build trust, credibility and empathy.

Patients don’t necessarily go to the best doctor; they go to the one they trust. Who, more often than not, happens to be the one who markets themselves better.

In this module you will learn the different mediums to build an audience and increase your authority and expert status. This can also open the door to speaking engagements, interviews, book deals, and more if that’s also something you’d like to pursue.

Module Highlights

  • Similar to what you did with your practice in previous modules, here you will learn how to position yourself as an expert.
  • Understand that your job is no longer to be a source of information but a source of curation. Patients don’t need more information, they need guidance. They need someone they can trust to sift the good from the bad information.
  • Use the workbook to determine the channel(s) you will start developing your personal band on.
  • Follow the exercises to determine what your strategy should be depending on your chosen channel(s).
  • Use the resources provided to create your own images, social media calendars, blog editorial calendars and many more.
  • Set your personal branding goal and work out the steps you need to take daily to achieve it.
Module 8

It Is All About Your Patient's Experience

It’s time to come full circle and apply everything you’ve learned so far into making your office and your patient’s experience remarkable.

We tend to forget that our office is the first impression our patients get from our practice. Sure, they maybe spoke to someone on the phone before coming in but it really boils down to that first look they take as soon as they walk in the door for the first time.

In this final module, you will learn how to use everything that you’ve created so far and apply it to your patient’s experience.

Module Highlights

  • Use the workbook to identify all of your patient’s touchpoints with your practice.
  • Learn what is the absolute minimum your patients are expecting from you and your practice and how to make their experience remarkable.
  • Identify areas of improvement and take the steps to improve them.
  • Learn how to review patient satisfaction, improve retention and increase referrals.

Bonus Modules

Bonus 1 

The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint For Doctors

It is not only important to have a social media strategy, but to design it with our ideal patient in mind. And obviously, with the type of content that each platform favors. Few things are worse than seeing the exact same post automatically posted to every platform or to have your feed consisting only of ads for you and your practice.


  • Learn why giving is the name of the game with social media. And how to put it in practice.
  • Understand the differences between the different social media platforms and why you should not try to be in all of them.
  • Learn how to convert followers into fans who promote and consume your content thus increasing your practice’s reach and authority.
  • Use our templates to create a detailed social media calendar for you and your practice.
  • Learn the tools that the big name influencers use to make their content look professional without having to learn Photoshop or video editing.
  • Get access to our template gallery on Canva for you to swipe and personalize with your brand and colors.
Bonus 2

Brand YOU Workshop

Follow the steps to create, build and present your personal brand to gain notoriety, highlight your expertise and increase your authority without cheesy sponsored segments or fake interviews.


  • Learn how to set up your online presence in the different platforms available to you.
  • Use our quiz to determine which platforms to use and which to stay away from based on your ideal patients and your personality.
  • Learn the secrets to getting great photos of you for your website, online platforms and print.
  • Follow our guide to write a compelling professional bio.
  • Learn about the different bios you will need and where to use each one.
  • Master LinkedIn to position yourself as the expert in your field and get noticed by your peers and patients.
  • Use our checklist to create your media page and increase the chances of getting asked to speak at events and professional meetings, appear on radio and tv, etc.
Bonus 3

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

This is a serious group of ambitious healthcare entrepreneurs committed to growing their practice ethically by applying these strategies. It is a place to share successes and challenges as well as to request feedback and guidance from our team and each other.


  • Leverage the power of this group to tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and insight of other successful practice owners.
  • Quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) hangup from the course material so that you never get stuck for longer than you have to.
  • Get an extra set of eyes on your marketing, your messaging, positioning and everything else you’re working on.
  • Crowdsource your big marketing decisions (from logos to strategies).
  • Form valuable friendships and potential partnerships that can lead to further opportunities to better serve your patients and grow your impact.

10x Your Investment or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Sure, in this training you are going to be introduced to the definitive Practice Growth Formula which will help you permanently divorce yourself from the stress of running an unsuccessful practice, and instead introduce you to a brand new practice.

One that’s…  more profitable…  more enjoyable… easier to grow…

and where you no longer feel forced to work with the patients that others bring you.

But unlike what you’ve experienced before with these “marketing experts”, I don’t want you to wait for a year, paying a monthly retainer, before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing results.

Enroll right now, watch the first few videos, and start taking the necessary steps to optimize your practice for exponential growth from Week 1.

If at any moment in the first 4 weeks after enrolling, you do not feel like you’re well on your way to 10X’ing your investment while feeling SO much more confident in your ability to grow your practice ethically, reliably and consistently, just let Jami at [email protected] know, and we’ll send back your investment so you can use it to pay another month of retainers or a few weeks of more random Facebook Ads…

Join Practice Growth Formula Today

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The COMPLETE Practice Growth Formula - $7,497 value

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When you add it all up, that's a total value of over $14,000!

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What Other Doctors Have Asked Before Joining Practice Growth Formula:

Others have stood here before you wondering if Practice Growth Formula was the answer to their practice struggles.

Good! That means you’re at least not losing money.

But the fact that you still see room to grow your practice makes you a prime candidate for Practice Growth Formula.

Just imagine the results you’d get if you could leverage your expertise and knowledge of healthcare to create a compelling marketing message which then the agency you work with can utilize to lock in on your ideal patients…

Most doctors feel like this training will only work in someone else’s field but not in theirs. It is easy to get so caught up in our practice’s challenges and struggles that we’re quick to find reasons as to why something new won’t work…

We know because most of our doctors used to think that way before joining. But then they found that by simply learning the material and analyzing it through the lessons and the workbook they too were able to apply it to their practice.

If that is not enough for you, in our workshops we’ve helped plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ortho surgeons, pain management specialists, ophthalmologists, ENTs… Even pediatricians and functional medicine doctors have grown their practice and influence thanks to what they’ve learned here.

But this is not just for physicians, we’ve helped naturopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists, physical and speech therapists, psychotherapists, health coaches and we’re confident that we can help pretty much any health care professional who serves patients.

While the ideal scenario would be that your entire group went through the training with you (email [email protected] and ask her about our group discount!), you will still benefit from the entire training and be able to grow your practice from it.

You will learn how to leverage your expertise and create a community of engaged patients who will be happy to refer their friends and family to you.

Other doctors who have been part of groups have found benefit in learning how to increase their influence and started getting booked for speaking engagements as well as invited for interviews and expert commentary.

Selling is part of growing your practice. But Practice Growth Formula is not one of those “medical sales trainings”.

Meaning we will not teach (or expect you to use) deceptive sales techniques like misleading advertising, slick wording, unnecessary upsells or anything else that leaves you feeling like a used car salesman. I can only imagine what those poor patients feel when they realize they’ve been deceived…

If you’re looking for those “magic words” to “close more sales”, this training is not for you. But if, on the other hand, you want to grow your practice –and your income– ethically, by serving more patients, better; you’ve found your place.

We understand that you are already pressed for time with work at your office, being on call, and trying to make your family commitments. At least that’s been the case with most doctors who asked me to make our Practice Growth Formula available as an online course.

And that is also why I made sure to take away all the fluff and condense everything in weekly modules that you can consume in your own time, at your own pace. The time required to go through the lessons is about 1 to 1.5 hours per module. Plus the time it takes you to complete the exercises and design your strategies. In total, you can expect your time commitment for each week to be around 2 to 3 hours.

Some doctors prefer to use one day per week to do all the work required while others prefer to break it down in smaller chunks throughout the week. It’s entirely up to you.

Not at all!

The course is designed to open up access to a new module every week. But, once a module has been opened, you will have access to that module FOREVER. This allows you to come back to Practice Growth Formula several months after completing this course and reviewing the material over and over.

Absolutely! We’re not all born to be shameless selfie stick-carriers, right?

Being that kind of influencer is simply one TACTIC which works for some people. In Practice Growth Formula, you will learn the STRATEGIES behind those tactics so you’ll be able to still get the results but following a different path.

In fact, it might not even make sense for your field or specialty to be that kind of influencer.

You will learn where your ideal patient is and how to connect with them there leveraging your personality.

If you’re asking this question, congratulations! You’re the kind of doctor we want to work with.

We will NEVER teach anything that is even remotely illegal. Because we know where those lines are. You won’t incur in any privacy, HIPAA or even GDPR violations by applying what you learn here. In fact, you won’t even have to question whether you are in compliance or not because what we teach is that clear and transparent.

Remember that Practice Growth Formula was created by a practicing physician, not by some “sales guy” who thinks that doctors should sell like time share closers…


As soon as you sign up and receive your login details, you will find all of our contact information (phone, email and business hours) inside the members area. You can also send a support ticket right there or send a request through our Private Facebook Group.

Join Practice Growth Formula Today

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Which is still ridiculously small compared to how much you'll make from these programs…

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3 Monthly Payments of




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Practice Growth Formula is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are a practicing doctor who deeply cares about serving more patients ethically and you don’t know whether you’re doing the best you can to reach them.
  2. You have been trying to grow your practice but everything you do seems to yield little to no returns and you’re ready to learn the secrets of the most successful practice owners.
  3. You see the amount of misinformation that your potential patients are exposed to and you are troubled by how many of them could jeopardize their health by not having a reliable expert (you!) to guide them.
  4. You’re the kind of person who likes doing things well the first time and you don’t mind investing the time to learn something first to ensure it’s being done right.
  5. You are already investing time and effort (and maybe even money!) in growing your practice and are tired of trial and error marketing.
  6. You are tired of seeing your money go out in monthly retainers and advertising budget month after month that only fill your schedule with free consults and evaluations.
  7. You want to enjoy practicing and to fill your schedule with your ideal type of patient. Not the ones who drain you and discourage you.
  8. You know that there is a better way to practice and are ready to do the work to get you there.
  9. You are excited about the possibility to grow your influence and really make a dent in this current healthcare crisis starting now.
  10. You are coachable and ready to follow the steps to make this possibility your reality.

If you said "yes" to at least 6 of the above, I can't wait to welcome you into Practice Growth Formula.

Join Practice Growth Formula Today

And get:

The COMPLETE Practice Growth Formula - $7,497 value

  • Private Members Only Facebook Group - $997 value
  • The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint for Doctors - $1,449 value
  • Brand YOU Workshop - $1,997 value
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls - $2,400 value

When you add it all up, that's a total value of over $14,000!

Which is still ridiculously small compared to how much you'll make from these programs…

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into Practice Growth Formula, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll in Practice Growth Formula, TODAY at a special, limited time, introductory price.

Enroll today and get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

3 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

Save $330!



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